1. New state for my life

    My life changed after i have a phone line in my home and setup ADSL (256) connection to the internet.

    Now i have permemnet connection to the world, download, update, pull, push to SVN/GIT repositories for many open source projects.

    And I  bought new computer with good 3D VGA card (internal one), not the expensive one but i can play some 3d games.

    I touched (for a while) how the reach man live and feel, but i think it need some months to return to feeling  i am poor man 😉 .

  2. We started new project MiniEdit

    We started the new project MiniEdit based on old one LightPHPEdit but on Lazarus/FreePascal to make it work on Linux.
    MiniEdit is open source editor, simple and fast one work as portable application.
    It is editor with code highlighter made for PHP but i work on it to use Pascal projects, so it need time to make it.
    Now i am working on addons for it (internal addons) to integrate Debug and SCM(SVN and GIT) tools.

    Download the source from github.com

  3. ANN: minibidi.c was ported to minibidi.pp

    We have ported the minibidi.c to FreePascal minibidi.pp with some modifications to be workable with Pascal, in minilib project.

    This file process the Unicode Arabic characters to make Joining/Shaping and make it Right To Left readable, in another hand it is prepare the string variable (widestring) to be printed in Right To Left, it is like FriBidi but more simple and in Pascal.

    The original file written by Ahmad Khalifa from arabeyes.org, i published it with same license.

    Also we port cp864 CodePage and added to unicodes directory, it is useful to convert a Unicode string (widestring) to that old code page cp864.

    cp864 used by most POS printers (thermal) and Customer Display, now with minibidi.pp you can proceess the string to be printed in Right To Left order and then convert it to cp864 codepage then print it to ESCPOS printers.

    This an example how to print to ESCPOS printer

    Used it with Terminal Display


    The code still need more work, but until now it is usable for me 🙂


  4. How to set up NAT Routing on Windows XP

    Good article and worked for me




    pushd routing ip nat
    set global tcptimeoutmins=1440 udptimeoutmins=1 loglevel=ERROR
    add interface name="NIC2" mode=FULL
    add interface name="NIC1" mode=PRIVATE


  5. Okra Challenge Recipes

    I like my mother’s recipes, especially when cook okra, also my wife like her mother’s recipes.

    But when we plan to cook okra we fighting which recipe to use, finally this year decided to cook the both of recipes at same time, my pot is in the right, look at the red sauce with more fried okra delicious meal.

    We (my wife and i) let our kids to choose the winner, Yes, my wife is the winner, and i eat all my hand cooked 😀 .

  6. Neck Pain, reason of arms and back pain.

    I have 5 years feeling pain in my arms especially my right hand, with pain in my back, at the last i take XRay picture of my neck and found that the reason of my pain, it “cervical radiculopathy” in C6, C7, caused to reduce the time of my work, and also reduce my salary 🙁


    For all developers my advice: be careful about your neck, make some exercises, do not spend hours on your computer, spend your time with your family or your plants 🙂 .