1. What the disappoints points on D [draft]

    Ok, after i tried a good project on D, i have some disappoint points.

    1- GC, huge memory

    2- constructors not auto inherited into derived classes

    3- Paths to the sources, same as old languages, compiler can not find the sub-path

    Add all d files to compiler command, or you can use file @yourconfig to put it there
    Add Paths -Iyourpath to the compiler
    For packages add the parent path for your package with -I

    4- Debugging in Windows, GDB not supported

  2. From Pascal to D

    You can take D as easy bridge to learn C++, or you can take D as modern programming language and replaces the ancient Pascal or even C.


    “Class References” in Delphi/Pascal

    SuperClass = class
        x: integer;
        constructor Create(value: integer)
          x := value;
    SubClass1 = class(SuperClass)
    SubClass2 = class(SuperClass)
    MyMetaClass = class of SuperClass;
    //Assigning MetaClass of subclass, 
    //compiler only accept classes that derived from SuperClass
       MC: MyMetaClass;
       MC = SubClass1;
    //Creating object
       MyObj = MC.Create(10);


  3. Metallic: New theme for WordPress

    I made new theme for WordPress, I called it Metallic, I used for my site.


    Download it form GitHub


    • CSS3, Modern styling
    • No images at all, only your logo at the corner
    • Mobile style, if you open your site/blog in a mobile, it will show for small screens
    • Right To Left support
    • Multi colors, try it, it is fun.
    • Custom Logo
    • Cool printing
    • Wide Header option
    • One column option
    • Mutli font size for Screen, Tablet, Mobile
    • GitHub Updater plugin compatible


    • CSS3, not all browsers can show it, but it still works.

  4. MiniLib on Git

    MiniLib, http://sourceforge.net/projects/minilib/

    Git now is the version control,  instead of SubVersion, for 2 of reasons.

    1 – I like to work offline, commenting and show log, while I can’t have a permanent internet connection.

    2 – Branching merging, it merge the full history from where to everywhere.

    But I still like the version numbers in SVN it is more useful and it is easy human trace the changes.

  5. Android AVD not started, Wrong path

    I installed Android SDK in Windows and added new Virtual Device, but when i run that image i get this error

    Starting emulator for AVD ‘ATOM’
    PANIC: Could not open: C:\Documents and Settings\Zaher\.android/avd/ATOM.ini

    I looked up to my images i found it in


    After searching on internet i found the solution


    Add new envirement  ANDROID_SDK_HOME and set it to your real path that include .android like this


    And have fun.

  6. ComiPo Manga Comic book

    I found this application for Windows by an accident when I am searching for online anime games, it is used 3D characters and objects but to write a comic book, without need to draw it by your hands, it is just a simple as placing the character and move it or turn right or left, choose your emotions, write a text in a balloon, and export.


    I have downloaded the demo version for my two daughters (11, 9 year old) , they like it too match, played with it as game at first, then write a small stories, one page story because the demo version give you one page, you can’t save it but you can export it to a one picture.

    Now the demo version expired soon, and no more fun, but my little daughter Aya (9 years) will kill me, she doesn’t understand I can’t pay for it, it needs a credit card, no credit card in Syria and we cannot transfer money outside our country.

    You can write fine Arabic text in the balloons, but need Right Align for multiline text, this feature not founded yet.

    Another problem with it, the character that exist in the Demo have a short skirt, very short, and that is not allowed in my country, i hope dress it and spend more texture on her clothes.

    I wrote Arabic blog here too.