1. What the disappoints points on D [draft]

    Ok, after i tried a good project on D, i have some disappoint points.

    1- GC, huge memory

    2- constructors not auto inherited into derived classes

    3- Paths to the sources, same as old languages, compiler can not find the sub-path

    Add all d files to compiler command, or you can use file @yourconfig to put it there
    Add Paths -Iyourpath to the compiler
    For packages add the parent path for your package with -I

    4- Debugging in Windows, GDB not supported

  2. From Delphi to D

    You can take D as easy bridge to learn C++, or you can take D as modern programming language and replaces the ancient Pascal or even C.


    “Class References” in Delphi/Pascal

    SuperClass = class
        x: integer;
        constructor Create(value: integer)
          x := value;
    SubClass1 = class(SuperClass)
    SubClass2 = class(SuperClass)
    MyMetaClass = class of SuperClass;
    //Assigning MetaClass of subclass, 
    //compiler only accept classes that derived from SuperClass
       MC: MyMetaClass;
       MC = SubClass1;
    //Creating object
       MyObj = MC.Create(10);


  3. Metallic: New theme for WordPress

    I made new theme for WordPress, I called it Metallic, I used for my site.


    Download it form GitHub


    • CSS3, Modern styling
    • No images at all, only your logo at the corner
    • Mobile style, if you open your site/blog in a mobile, it will show for small screens
    • Right To Left support
    • Multi colors, try it, it is fun.
    • Custom Logo
    • Cool printing
    • Wide Header option
    • One column option
    • Mutli font size for Screen, Tablet, Mobile
    • GitHub Updater plugin compatible


    • CSS3, not all browsers can show it, but it still works.

  4. MiniLib on Git

    MiniLib, http://sourceforge.net/projects/minilib/

    Git now is the version control,  instead of SubVersion, for 2 of reasons.

    1 – I like to work offline, commenting and show log, while I can’t have a permanent internet connection.

    2 – Branching merging, it merge the full history from where to everywhere.

    But I still like the version numbers in SVN it is more useful and it is easy human trace the changes.

  5. Android AVD not started, Wrong path

    I installed Android SDK in Windows and added new Virtual Device, but when i run that image i get this error

    Starting emulator for AVD ‘ATOM’
    PANIC: Could not open: C:\Documents and Settings\Zaher\.android/avd/ATOM.ini

    I looked up to my images i found it in


    After searching on internet i found the solution


    Add new envirement  ANDROID_SDK_HOME and set it to your real path that include .android like this


    And have fun.