1. My Brain is Offline

    While my country Syria is suffering a big problem, a kind of revolution or kind of objectives.
    And we all have to follow what’s happening on the ground, feeling deep of sorrow for who is killed of our peoples, our brain is stopped working, our heart pumps more blood to the every piece of the body, our nerves come like a chord for any sound of the incident.

    So, I am sorry, I cannot work as the old days,  sorry for all my open source projects, that come like as my kids, sorry for you all 🙁 .

  2. New state for my life

    My life changed after i have a phone line in my home and setup ADSL (256) connection to the internet.

    Now i have permemnet connection to the world, download, update, pull, push to SVN/GIT repositories for many open source projects.

    And I  bought new computer with good 3D VGA card (internal one), not the expensive one but i can play some 3d games.

    I touched (for a while) how the reach man live and feel, but i think it need some months to return to feeling  i am poor man 😉 .

  3. I spent my vacation at beach.

    Yesterday i (and my family) come from the sea beach called Al-Nouras beach, it is near to Tartus city and far from my city Damascus about 3 hours.

    In next picture my son Omar refused to swim and stay at the beach playing with sand.

    Also we went to Arwad island, and take the expensive lunch, two kind of fishes cooked with wonderful spices, i take the picture of this fishes.

    Where is the rest of fishes? , Did you believe i can wait to take the picture, we eat the 2 kg of fish in seconds 🙂 .