1. Android AVD not started, Wrong path

    I installed Android SDK in Windows and added new Virtual Device, but when i run that image i get this error

    Starting emulator for AVD ‘ATOM’
    PANIC: Could not open: C:\Documents and Settings\Zaher\.android/avd/ATOM.ini

    I looked up to my images i found it in


    After searching on internet i found the solution


    Add new envirement  ANDROID_SDK_HOME and set it to your real path that include .android like this


    And have fun.

  2. ComiPo Manga Comic book

    I found this application for Windows by an accident when I am searching for online anime games, it is used 3D characters and objects but to write a comic book, without need to draw it by your hands, it is just a simple as placing the character and move it or turn right or left, choose your emotions, write a text in a balloon, and export.


    I have downloaded the demo version for my two daughters (11, 9 year old) , they like it too match, played with it as game at first, then write a small stories, one page story because the demo version give you one page, you can’t save it but you can export it to a one picture.

    Now the demo version expired soon, and no more fun, but my little daughter Aya (9 years) will kill me, she doesn’t understand I can’t pay for it, it needs a credit card, no credit card in Syria and we cannot transfer money outside our country.

    You can write fine Arabic text in the balloons, but need Right Align for multiline text, this feature not founded yet.

    Another problem with it, the character that exist in the Demo have a short skirt, very short, and that is not allowed in my country, i hope dress it and spend more texture on her clothes.

    I wrote Arabic blog here too.

  3. Power Loss Chatter Relay Circuit


    It is a DC circuit launches the relay when the power comes off using a capacitor charged when the power was on, so it is not needed any extra power for the relay.
    You can increase the size of this C1 to increase the delay time, the power is 6v.

    R1 and R2 must change to config it to be stable if you changed the DC power voltage.

    I have a server computer connected to a UPS that give me 10 minutes backup time when the main power goes off, at this time i must shutdown the computer.
    The problem my UPS doesn’t have any feature to send that signal to my computer, and any new UPS will be expensive.
    Also my computer has no any COM port to accept the old type of UPS.

    The circuit powered by a transformer connected directly to main power not to the UPS.

    I will take two wires from the Power Button (on the mother board) and link it to this relay. When the main power off, my computer still on, and gets a signal to shutdown from that relay, as like if we press the Power button, we need to config our system (Windows 2003) to take this action.

    Open RegEdit and add these keys

    The  key will not ask there is users still using your server, it is shutdown immediately.

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]

    [HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]

    Also you must change in group policy in security options

    “Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on”

    change it to Enabled
    Also, I configured my bios to turn on when the AC comes back, so when the main power come, my computer will turn again.

    This is my first circuit at my age, so do not trust with it 😀 , but it is worked fine for a week for me.

    I discussed about this circuit in AllAboutCiruites forum and thanks to wayneh for help.

  4. My Brain is Offline

    While my country Syria is suffering a big problem, a kind of revolution or kind of objectives.
    And we all have to follow what’s happening on the ground, feeling deep of sorrow for who is killed of our peoples, our brain is stopped working, our heart pumps more blood to the every piece of the body, our nerves come like a chord for any sound of the incident.

    So, I am sorry, I cannot work as the old days,  sorry for all my open source projects, that come like as my kids, sorry for you all 🙁 .