At that time, when I was young, I was a chocolate lover, addicted it, when I got my own piece, I would eat it and enjoy it all day long in my mouth, afraid to lose it as a stingy miser, who got his first and last of one.

At that time, I was offered a piece of chocolate, when I opened it, I got something glossy and white, the shape is like chocolate, but the color is not that brown that I know, I said that this is not a chocolate!
told me: no, it is, but it is made of milk.

I said why do people likes to cheats, if it does not contain cocoa, why do they call it by the same name, this is cheating, I tasted it out of curiosity, to despite the good taste, but I refused it after that, permanently, and I did not eat a piece of this type of sweets in all my life, objecting to the naming not taste.

After the cryptocurrencies, which are not currencies for me, it became clear to me that it was no longer impossible to invent another kind of virtual chocolate, with another stupid name like Crypto Chocolate.

And people will do accept it, as long as they make profits in selling it, even if you indicate that it is not chocolate, the profit and money behind it, will be the only judgment for them that it is chocolate.

As for the argument that there is no taste, you will be inferred that there are some bad types of physical chocolates that have no taste too. That crypto is chocolate too but has no taste, or perhaps the argument of virtual is inferred as a kind of modernity, and my objection because I am an old fashioned man who cannot understand human development, or perhaps I am stupid, dumber than I can understand the meaning of the word Crypto or Block Chain words not the chocolate .