I found this application for Windows by an accident when I am searching for online anime games, it is used 3D characters and objects but to write a comic book, without need to draw it by your hands, it is just a simple as placing the character and move it or turn right or left, choose your emotions, write a text in a balloon, and export.


I have downloaded the demo version for my two daughters (11, 9 year old) , they like it too match, played with it as game at first, then write a small stories, one page story because the demo version give you one page, you can’t save it but you can export it to a one picture.

Now the demo version expired soon, and no more fun, but my little daughter Aya (9 years) will kill me, she doesn’t understand I can’t pay for it, it needs a credit card, no credit card in Syria and we cannot transfer money outside our country.

You can write fine Arabic text in the balloons, but need Right Align for multiline text, this feature not founded yet.

Another problem with it, the character that exist in the Demo have a short skirt, very short, and that is not allowed in my country, i hope dress it and spend more texture on her clothes.

I wrote Arabic blog here too.