Why i am rude or stupid at internet.

1 – Bad English

I stood a French language in my school and i forget it (but still i like it), so i take my English from American movies and from reading on internet.

The first time i make a chat, i made it with foreign peoples, i tried to use new word for me, i learned “Guys”, i said,
Zaher: Hi guys
But in fact i replaced U character with A character, i will not tell you what happened to me, after a long time i get understand what the typo word meant.

2 – Blockade

The internet was launched in Syria at year 2000 with one provider and one proxy (now there is many provider but with one master proxy).
We all users of the internet appear to other sites with same IP Addresses.

Our internet protect us from some sites like as YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Blogspot.com and some other bad sites.
BTW who need this sites.
And also some sites protect us from accessing it like as SUN, Google application, Google code, we can not do any download from it.
And again who need them.

3 – My new house
Yes after years i have my own home flat, but my new home was outside the capital Damascus, so there is no phones there (I mean Wire Phone i still have a mobile), So i can not access the internet at my home, and i must use internet at my job,
There you know at my job, how it is hard talking to your coworkers, customers and your boss, then try to write a message or posts in message lists or forums in that case.

4 – I am father of 3 noisy kids, no need to more explain 🙂

After that imagine what kind of my nervous was be.

For all who seeing me i am so stupid or i am so firm i say “I apologize” or “Forgive me please” 🙂 .