K’luth Clow ship

After I got an ADSL connection to internet, I decided to jump into the virtual world that I heard about it since years. but I can’t find online game strict, decent, fun and it must be free.

While I am searching on many sites, I found my favorite game space shooter but with 3D and online play (Free), oh all features points is founded in same game, include it come with strategy, chat and team  playing.

You need to download it from www.darkspace.net, it is not need a huge download, just about 70MB, when you start you can choose the faction you like, most of people like to be human (UGTO, ICC) but I started with (K’Lluth) because I hate human even in the real world.

You can take your ship and fly in the space between planets, fight and shoot other ships of enemies,  your prestige will be increase, and your rank. when take a higher rank you can take a larger ship.

You can join in a fleet and play with them as a team, or you can build planets by your engineer ship, or supply and maintain other ships of your friends, try it if you like to escape from the real world.

This picture took from my account (I used my real name “Zaher”), when i am riding my favorite ship Claw.