1. Crypto Chocolate

    At that time, when I was young, I was a chocolate lover, addicted it, when I got my own piece, I would eat it and enjoy it all day long in my mouth, afraid to lose it as a stingy miser, who got his first and last of one.

    At that time, I was offered a piece of chocolate, when I opened it, I got something glossy and white, the shape is like chocolate, but the color is not that brown that I know, I said that this is not a chocolate!
    told me: no, it is, but it is made of milk.

    I said why do people likes to cheats, if it does not contain cocoa, why do they call it by the same name, this is cheating, I tasted it out of curiosity, to despite the good taste, but I refused it after that, permanently, and I did not eat a piece of this type of sweets in all my life, objecting to the naming not taste.

    After the cryptocurrencies, which are not currencies for me, it became clear to me that it was no longer impossible to invent another kind of virtual chocolate, with another stupid name like Crypto Chocolate.

    And people will do accept it, as long as they make profits in selling it, even if you indicate that it is not chocolate, the profit and money behind it, will be the only judgment for them that it is chocolate.

    As for the argument that there is no taste, you will be inferred that there are some bad types of physical chocolates that have no taste too. That crypto is chocolate too but has no taste, or perhaps the argument of virtual is inferred as a kind of modernity, and my objection because I am an old fashioned man who cannot understand human development, or perhaps I am stupid, dumber than I can understand the meaning of the word Crypto or Block Chain words not the chocolate .

  2. History: WINCE Point of sale

    This is a screenshot of old project for WinCE mobiles, POS, Mobile Point Of Sale, I called it MPOS, it is a commercial project and I am not owned it anymore after I left company.
    It is built using Lazarus-IDE and Freepascal, but most classes compiled in both Delphi for Windows and Lazarus for WINCE and Windows too.

    Only front page designed in Lazarus, using SQLite database, and many of my opensource library.

    Controls that I used it are on github
    Also icons I opened it public at github too

  3. What the disappoints points on D [draft]

    Ok, after i tried a good project on D, i have some disappoint points.

    1- GC, huge memory

    2- constructors not auto inherited into derived classes

    3- Paths to the sources, same as old languages, compiler can not find the sub-path

    Add all d files to compiler command, or you can use file @yourconfig to put it there
    Add Paths -Iyourpath to the compiler
    For packages add the parent path for your package with -I

    4- Debugging in Windows, GDB not supported

  4. From Pascal to D

    You can take D as easy bridge to learn C++, or you can take D as modern programming language and replaces the ancient Pascal or even C.


    “Class References” in Delphi/Pascal

    SuperClass = class
        x: integer;
        constructor Create(value: integer)
          x := value;
    SubClass1 = class(SuperClass)
    SubClass2 = class(SuperClass)
    MyMetaClass = class of SuperClass;
    //Assigning MetaClass of subclass, 
    //compiler only accept classes that derived from SuperClass
       MC: MyMetaClass;
       MC = SubClass1;
    //Creating object
       MyObj = MC.Create(10);


  5. Metallic: New theme for WordPress

    I made new theme for WordPress, I called it Metallic, I used for my site.


    Download it form GitHub


    • CSS3, Modern styling
    • No images at all, only your logo at the corner
    • Mobile style, if you open your site/blog in a mobile, it will show for small screens
    • Right To Left support
    • Multi colors, try it, it is fun.
    • Custom Logo
    • Cool printing
    • Wide Header option
    • One column option
    • Mutli font size for Screen, Tablet, Mobile
    • GitHub Updater plugin compatible


    • CSS3, not all browsers can show it, but it still works.

  6. MiniLib on Git

    MiniLib, http://sourceforge.net/projects/minilib/

    Git now is the version control,  instead of SubVersion, for 2 of reasons.

    1 – I like to work offline, commenting and show log, while I can’t have a permanent internet connection.

    2 – Branching merging, it merge the full history from where to everywhere.

    But I still like the version numbers in SVN it is more useful and it is easy human trace the changes.